Our Approach

We measure our performance the same way you do – by continually asking: “Are we delivering the very best results?”

When our clients engage us, the first thing they notice—aside from the almost immediate and substantial cost savings—is that we work differently from other consultants.

With Sagewell Partners, standard plans and boilerplate solutions never enter the picture. What does is an unwavering focus on our clients’ specific and unique needs, an exceptional depth of knowledge that allows us to meet those needs, and a rigorous set of standards for measuring whether our solutions are succeeding on multiple levels.

But it’s not enough for us to simply keep measuring, adjusting and evolving with our clients.  We have to have the perspective, the skill sets, and a total mastery of the industry to not only react, but to set the pace. And we do.

Sharper Insights

The diversity, expertise, and dedication of the Sagewell team are no accident. They were intentionally and methodically built over a span of years. We crafted this company one person at a time, strategically adding talented professionals with key skills and deep experience to deliver the best-in-class benefits solutions other consulting firms can’t match.

The insight of deep experience.

Our consultants’ backgrounds include decades of experience working for insurance carriers, international consulting firms, and benefits administrators.

We know how to create optimal benefits strategies. We’ve mastered the formulas that produce rates. We speak an underwriter’s language. Members of our team have also held high-level corporate HR roles.

Envisioning new opportunities.

We see the world through the lens of past experience but also with an eye on future forecasts. We pick up on things. See openings. Find daylight. Act as game-changers.

Time and time again, our perspective pays off for clients. Usually in more ways than they ever imagined.

Immediate Savings

Lowering your costs is only the beginning.

For most organizations, the need to engage a benefits consultant is very real. Today, HR leaders are doing more with less and by their own admission; they simply don’t have the expertise to implement thoughtful benefits solutions that are both robust and affordable.

When you partner with Sagewell, we are uniquely positioned to change this paradigm. With a primary focus on disability, life, and absence management programs, which offer their own financial and strategic benefits, as well as a full suite of value-added benefit consulting solutions and HR services, we help you contain costs not only today but far down the road, and through a completely different way of thinking.

What it comes down to is this: when we are helping you cut your spending by 25% from the outset, you can’t afford not to hire us.

Cost-neutral consulting

Our clients pay no direct consulting fees until we have demonstrated the value of our work product.  If we don’t meet their expectations, then there is no fee.  It’s really that simple. This is a powerful advantage, as consulting engagements that are funded before they understand the return on investment have become a thing of the past.

Proprietary pricing solutions

Our substantial volume of business enables us to provide the best possible pricing, plan designs that are aligned with best practices, and the most efficient administrative processes.

Long-term savings

Our knowledge of the ever-changing benefits industry means we never stop evaluating your plans, making adjustments, and helping you refine and re-balance as you move forward. No plan ever stagnates. No savings goes unrealized.

Aligned Objectives

We know you. We get you. We become you.

Because our success has always been measured by our ability to custom design the optimal benefits plan for each individual client, we have to know our clients inside and out. And trust us, we do.

Seeing the world through your eyes.  Looking deeply at a client’s objectives and listening to truly understand what they need—even beyond what they may think they need—is at the heart of our approach. Examining claim trends, current coverage, future projections, and the external environment  allows us to deliver an informed, enlightened plan that works differently—but perfectly—for every client.

Before long, our clients view us as an extension of their businesses. Their priorities are our priorities. Their concerns are our concerns. Their coffee machines are our coffee machines.

Lasting Results

We believe in total accountability so we’re inspired to deliver the best results from the moment we’re engaged through the length of what is typically a long-standing client relationship.

Sagewell Partners enjoys a 95% client retention.

Experience meets integrity.

We are confident in our abilities and pride ourselves on our excellence. We deliver the outcomes we say we will deliver, and then some.

To consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. That’s our value proposition.