Our Approach

We see what others don’t.

The diversity, expertise and dedication of the Sagewell team are no accident. They were intentionally and methodically built over a span of years. We crafted this company one person at a time, strategically adding talented professionals with key skills and deep experience to deliver the best-in-class benefits solutions other consulting firms can’t match.

The insight of deep experience

Our consultants’ backgrounds include decades of experience working for insurance carriers, international consulting firms and benefits administrators. We know how to create optimal benefits strategies. We’ve mastered the formulas that produce rates. We speak an underwriter’s language. Members of our team have also held high-level corporate HR roles.

Envisioning new opportunities

We see the world through the lens of past experience but also with an eye on future forecasts. We pick up on things. See openings. Find daylight. Act as game-changers.

Time and time again, our perspective pays off for clients. Usually in more ways than they ever imagined.