Our Services

Minimize the impact, maximize compliance.

When your employees aren’t working, it doesn’t work for your business. Whether they’re away on an unplanned absence, out on FMLA or on disability, you feel their absence as keenly as their presence. Just not in a good way.

Our absence management expertise includes:

Compliance & Administration

  • FMLA & State Leave
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Policy Review
  • Statutory Disability Programs
  • Early Intervention & Duration Control
  • STD, LTD

Best Practices & Integration

  • Benefit Coordination
  • Vendor Selection & Outsourcing
  • Occupational & Non-occupational Integration
  • Return on Investment, Metrics & Reporting
  • EAP, Disease Management & Wellness Programs

Sagewell Partners offers hands-on, expert assistance managing the often-complicated arena of absence.  In an era of aging workers, complex corporate policies and ever-changing regulations, we are skilled at developing and implementing comprehensive absence management strategies.

Expertise at work

We begin by analyzing all facets of an organization’s absence and disability program and identifying the core issues and cost drivers impacting productivity and overall ability to conduct business.

After measuring cost drivers, we mitigate those costs through outcome-based strategic solutions that can be measured and reevaluated on an ongoing basis. In short, our comprehensive approach includes developing sound policies and procedures, creating key performance metrics, understanding and managing duration controls and assessing the quality of third-party providers.

Compliance meets communication

In addition to monitoring and regulatory compliance, we also know the value of empowerment and encouragement to return to work. Our Absence Management team can help you motivate employees to follow the process to return to work in a timely manner to create the least possible disruption to your operations.