Data Analytics

As businesses face new and increasingly complex challenges, it is critical that decision making is supported and monitored effectively using timely, well-defined, and accurate data. Sagewell Partners can assist with harnessing and managing the vast amount of data available to benefits professionals to support sound, evidence-based decision making. We are skilled at mining and analyzing data from a wide variety of sources ranging from complex, enterprise database systems to locally maintained tracking reports and spreadsheets. Our expertise and insight provides decision makers with the best available data to make sound, evidence-based decisions that align with your strategic initiatives and growth plans.

Data Management

Sagewell Partners is skilled at integrating the data silos and connecting the appropriate data points to glean untapped insight from existing sources of data. Our team can link multiple internal and outside vendor managed systems that results in the creation of a data warehouse to make the extraction of actionable reporting and data routine. Our flexible, hands-on approach, leverages existing processes to minimize the resourcing required to implement.

Performance Reporting Development

Once the data warehouse is implemented, our consultants and data specialists will work with you to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are concise, actionable, and aligned directly with your organizational structure. The KPIs will facilitate you quickly understanding the areas of your organization that are driving benefit program trends and expenses. Our visual reporting methodology facilitates easy consumption and is designed to proactively identify potential problem areas so that programs or plan design changes can be effectively implemented to mitigate the future risk.

Administrative Reporting Support

Significant investments are required to implement and maintain both internal and external systems that support human resources and benefits programs.  Despite this investment, poorly integrated systems often lead to manual administrative processes that are inefficient, time consuming, and sometimes, despite best efforts, result in inaccuracies.  This can be costly from both a productivity and direct expense perspective.  We are adept at evaluating your workflow to develop reports or interfaces to improve the inefficient administrative processes that often plague benefits teams, so that critical internal resources can be focused on strategic initiatives.  Our data specialists can also act as your advocate during technical vendor discussions to ensure you are receiving the appropriate level of data to support your administration and maximize the value of your investment.

Advanced Data Modeling

Sagewell Partners has vast experience in the development of data models to support complex human resource decisions, such as projecting return on investment related to an outsourcing engagement or quantifying the financial and employee relations impact of implementing a paid time off program.  Using your own data and industry accepted practices and benchmarks, Sagewell Partners robust modeling techniques provide the appropriate level of detail to make an informed, evidence-based decision related to your major investment projects.