Disability & Life

Disability and Life Expertise 

Sagewell Partners is a nationally recognized leader in the specialized area of disability & life benefits consulting solutions.  We harness the skills of our consultants to design and implement the very best plan for your size, scope and unique objectives. Quite simply, our expertise in this area is unparalleled.

Thorough Process

With little to no disruption to your operations, Sagewell Partners delivers a superior solution to make disability & life plans among the most rewarding investments you can make for the financial well-being and satisfaction of your employees.

Strategic Plan Review

We review every aspect of your benefits strategy, plan design, funding structure, contract arrangements, and pricing levels. We then present short- and long-term recommendations for savings and enhancements.

Underwriting Review and Market Assessment

We leverage our comprehensive analysis to appropriately position your plan/risk within the marketplace to obtain the maximum results.

Ongoing Claims Review and Forecasting

We examine current and past claims experience to project future trends that will help you confidently move forward with financial budgeting and plan design.

Vendor Engagement

We engage with your vendors to ensure that best practices are being employed to effectively impact costs, enhance communication, and leverage data to drive initiatives that will result in improved outcomes.


We provide a variety of bench-marking data, including peer group comparison, plan design best practices, funding strategies, and more.

Strategic Investment

Think about it: the quality of the benefits you offer your employees is a direct reflection of your organization’s values, integrity, and commitment to their well-being. Attracting and retaining your best employees is a strategy in itself. Offering the right benefits plans is a competitive advantage that can’t be overstated, particularly when every organization is trying to do more with less.

Finally—an exceptionally skilled partner who can help you do it all.