Medical & Dental

Medical and dental, another contributor to a healthy bottom line.

In addition to our deep expertise in disability & life, we are often asked by our clients to advise them on their medical, dental, and vision programs, inclusive of stop-loss insurance for self-funded medical programs.

We have a highly skilled medical consulting team that can help you design and implement a wide range of customized employee benefits programs using the nation’s leading providers. Of course, each plan is customized to meet the special coverage needs and budget considerations of your business.

Overall Program Review

We review every aspect of your benefits strategy, plan design, funding structure, contract arrangements, and pricing levels. We then present short- and long-term recommendations for savings and enhancements.

Underwriting Review and Market Assessment

We leverage our strategic analysis to appropriately position your plans/risks with the marketplace to obtain the maximum results.

Ongoing Claims Review and Forecasting

We examine current and past claims experience to project future trends that will help you confidently move forward with financial budgeting and plan design.


We provide a variety of benchmarking data including peer group comparison, plan design best practices, funding strategies, and more.

Wellness Strategy

We help you develop a wellness strategy that addresses culture, demographics, and claims experience. This becomes a meaningful platform for improving employee health, while also impacting claims experience over the long term.

Communications Strategy

We help you develop a broad range of benefits-related communications, from annual enrollment summaries to total rewards statements. Our mobile technology provides clients with a new and effective way to engage with employees and provide them with the information they need to become better informed consumers.

Legislative/Compliance Support

We provide regular updates on the status of pending and final regulations that impact how benefits programs are structured and administered.